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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How to Get Good Toned Calf Muscles and Triceps

For the triceps, press ups are the way forward, start off with a few then each session add one or two on and slowly build up that way. To get maximum benefit for triceps, it is better to have your hands closer together although it is tough. Hands further apart will work your chest, but will also still work your triceps but to a lesser extent!

For Calfs, stand on a step and do one legged calf raises i.e. stand on a step with just your toes of one foot supporting your weight with your other foot behind you, then raise yourself up with the foot that has the toes on the step then back down....repeat and you'll soon feel your calfs burning. You can see geniune improvements within a couple of weeks. For more information have a look at for loads more tips and ideas

Best of luck

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