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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Aerobic Training with Weight Loss

The Importance of Aerobic Training in Weight Loss by Gary Cheung

It is no secret that regular exercise helps you live for a longer period of time and enhances your well-being. Thirty minutes of daily aerobic exercise will reduce the risk of chronic diseases; sixty minutes of daily aerobic activity prevents weight gain if coupled with a proper balanced diet; ninety minutes (or at least sixty minutes) when coupled with the correct diet will evidently lead to weight loss. The level of exercise must be moderate to vigorous for the entire duration. Aerobic activities often mean longer endurance type exercises such as group fitness classes, running, swimming and even just walking if you do it fast enough to get your heart rate up.

You want to loose body fat? Then aerobic activity it the way to do it! Aerobic activities burn up more calories than any other activities and help to raise your metabolism, which then in turn helps you burn more calories faster. Aerobic exercise makes your heart muscles stronger and improves the overall efficiency of your body.

Losing weight is achieved by creating a calorie deficit (this means you are expending more calories than you are taking in) so it makes sense that partaking in activities that burn large amounts of calories is vital to shedding (and keeping off) those unwanted pounds. Pending you're eating the right type of foods to allow a calorie deficit to occur, when you exercise enough raise your heart rate your body begins to use stored carbohydrates and fatty acids for energy, which promotes weights loss.

Regular Aerobic Activity also increases your VO2 max. VO2 max is a measure of your capacity to generate energy required for endurance activities and is one of the most important factors in determining how long you can exercise for. The better your VO2 max is, the longer you can exercise for which translates to more overall calories burnt and more weight lost.

Apart from burning calories, regular aerobic activity improves your overall fitness level, helps control blood pressure, lowers the risk of heart attacks, reduces stress and anxiety, helps build and maintain bones and joints and reduces the risk of falling among older adults.

Aerobic activity is important for many aspect of wellness, but is absolutely vital if you want to shed those pounds. If you're currently a sedentary person, seek the advice of your doctor before embarking on any type of fitness program.

About the Author

Gary Cheung is fitness professional in New York City. He has helped many people change their lives. He currently runs a free informational website on weight loss. Please visit:


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